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Gina Lynn was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, but she was raised in Jackson, NJ. At 5’2, 103lbs she measures 34D-24-34. In 2004 she entered the industry and since then she has amassed an impressive 120 titles with 22 director credits. Vivid, Sin City, and Adam and Eve are some of the major studios she has performed for.

Her filmography features facials, masturbation, interracial, cum swap, and cream pie scenes. Gina Lynn is porn royalty. She has appeared in various major night clubs, in movies, and she has appeared in one of EMINEM’s videos. Further more she has also appeared on HBO’s, “The Sopranos” as one of the girls in the Bada Bing.

However, before the celebrity status, Gina was a shy maladjusted catholic school girl working at a local department store, where she befriended an older group of people that ultimately led to her meeting a dancer who worked at a bikini bar called “Heart Breakers”. Her dancer friend constantly bragged about how much money she made, so Gina decided to try it out, and for the rest of her senior year in high school she danced on the weekends earning 600-1,000 dollars, as oppose to the measly 150 dollars a week she earned working for the department store. Later, Gina danced nude at an amateur night club for the first time, and she got a high off of the experience.

Her dancing is not something her mother approved of even as a bikini dancer. Gina was motivated by Latoya Jackson’s featured appearance at Al’s Diamond Cabaret, and how patrons payed 40 dollars to see her even though, Latoya caused a fight by not appearing nude as promised. While working at Al’s, she made contacts that ultimately lead to her shooting a masturbation scene in California, and later on she met her partner and husband Travis and the rest is porn history!

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